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Retail – Your Gateway to MORE $$$

October 15th, 2019

Proper retailing is a gold mine waiting to be discovered.  No, not discovered by you; discovered by your clients.  It’s important to remember that retail is NOT an add-on.  Instead, it’s a significant part of the service and experience your clients expect and desire.  They are going to buy products, so it may as well be from you.  Research shows that customer satisfaction goes up significantly when you make product recommendations – clients interpret this as a sign you care about them.

Interesting right?  So let’s review:

  • Retail = more $$$ for you
  • Retail = better experience for your clients
  • Retail = higher customer satisfaction

Retail should be a part of the service you offer your clients.  Right?

It’s critical to remember that you are not “selling” retail but merely “suggesting” retail.  In other words, it’s about educating your clients on the importance of protecting their investment in their hair and hair treatments.   Lead them and be the example by using what you sell.  This gives you the opportunity to show your clients what great products they can use at home to keep themselves looking great.  As you know, most clients have a boost of self-confidence after a haircut or style, so let’s suggest the products to keep this boost of self-confidence well beyond the appointment.
Be the one-stop shop for your clients offering the convenience and uplifting experience of purchasing the products specifically recommended for them.
Remember at The Salons at Bella Suites you are on your own but not alone.

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