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Everybody is doing it… but are YOU?

November 20th, 2020

Social Media and Social Media Marketing seems to be something everyone is talking about these days.  You are probably spending time during your day exploring Facebook or Twitter, catching up on what your friends are doing, reading the latest updates from the celebrities you follow or looking at Pinterest for new trends or inspiration.  We all love to be in the know and feel a connection on a personal level through social media and that is why it’s so popular and powerful.  So, why not use the power of social media to market your own work and ideas, to promote your most important brand: YOU”?

You don’t have to be a social media professional to use it to promote your brand.  On a very simple level you can write about your clients and show some examples.  Your clients will love that you are talking about them, and their friends and colleagues will also get to see it.  Posting on Facebook and/or Twitter gets you more exposure and can bring you more business.  If someone likes what they see, they will come to you for similar treatments.  There is power in numbers:  the bigger the audience you reach, the more potential to expand your client base!

Want to promote a new trend, product, or style?   Let’s use hair color as an example…  How about posting a photo of the latest hair color trend and post it with the caption, “This is the latest hair color trend…come on in and we’ll see how it looks on you!”  Sharing this photo with everyone who follows you shows that you are an expert on the latest trends and invites them to come to you to try it for themselves.  Social media can keep you connected to your clients, increase your ability to reach your target market, and build the brand you care the most about: YOU.

Like these ideas?  We have more where that came from.  Join us at The Salons at Bella Suites, where YOU are on your own but not alone.

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