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Love Makes the World Go Round

October 14th, 2020

Your customers are your greatest assets.  We have all heard this before and we all know it’s true.  Without them, we’d be bored out of our minds and wouldn’t be able to pay our bills.  So we need to make sure we show our clients how much we appreciate them and thank them in a way that they’re sure to enjoy. When you show them some love, good things will come back to you, too!

We all love to be appreciated and isn’t there something about hearing a sincere “thank you” that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside?  So, how can this this practice be included in our day-to-day work?  One way is to thank your clients with rewards. Although this may seem super simple, is there a better way to say thank you than to give them something they will use?  Each time a new client comes in from a referral give them a free gift.  It doesn’t have to be much…maybe a product, an additional service or a discount.  Also be sure to thank your client (you know, the one that gave you the referral) with a similar gift or service.    This benefits you in two ways:  1.  Your new referral will feel like they got special treatment and will want to return to you for service.  2.  Your client will remember to send more referrals your way.  Thus begins the cycle of give a little, get a little.  After all, love makes the world go round, right?

Here’s another thought.  People love to be spoiled; especially if it’s at the same time they’re spoiling someone else.  Why not offer packages such as a Mother-Daughter package around Mother’s Day, a Valentine’s package or a BFF’s package?  If you’re into a more simple approach, give a $10 voucher for every $100 service package purchased.  By offering packages or vouchers, you can expand your client-base and make your repeat clients feel appreciated.  It’s a win-win situation.

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