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Kimberly Palmer

Empress Permanent Make-up & ProTouch Massage

Suite #112

Firewheel Town Center Outdoor Mall

(214) 552-0556

Mon - Sun, By Appointment

I specialize in a number of Massage Therapy Techniques. I enjoy making my clients feel better, keeping them happy, and helping them relax. Come let me take care of your wellness needs.

About Me:

As a Massage Therapist my passion and love of the craft is unsurpassed. My goal is to keep my clients comfortable and relaxed while I target the tension everyday life throws at you. I know what it is like to have a not so pleasant massage experience. I have developed my own special massage technique that will relax you as well as work out the stress and knots without the pain some other therapists may inflict. I have learned in my 12 years as a Therapist that pain and Massage do not go hand in hand. However where Relaxation, Wellness & Pain Relief Meet is where I am also. Come see me and feel my ProTouch!