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Jennifer Jenkins

Suite #126

Firewheel Town Center Outdoor Mall

(972) 762-3093

By Appointment

I love to do hair, but most of all I love to make my clients feel great. “It’s what drives me!”

About Me:

Overall, I enjoy my career as a stylist. I love the industry, and I’m always amazed by the array of creativity I’m able to display with my work; your hair is safe in my hands.
My clients describe me as quiet, focused, rooted, and consistent.  If you like punctuality, I’m your stylist. Not only do I manage my time well, but I also value your time.
When people ask me what’s sparks my creative side, my answer is “Scene Style Hair.”  The Look = short layer haircuts with razor textured ends to give the hair a rough edgy look topped with full bangs; side swept or blunt, your choice. Often times, hair extensions/pieces are added for style and volume. Scene style hair is usually full of colors and fun to create.
Know of someone wanting the “Scene” look?
I’m sure you know of some people that try to do their hair them selves but yet it doesn’t quiet come out nice… Send them my way please. I’ll be happy to produce a more professional look that will keep you/them pleased.
ON THE FLIP SIDE to scene style hair, I also enjoy servicing my “everyday” wear and senior clients.  Teens to Seniors, Long hair to Short hair, I love it all.
If I’m what you’re looking for, book me online. I look forward to servicing you.