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Charlie Gill


Suite 126

Firewheel Town Center Outdoor Mall

(469) 261-3883

By Appointment Only

Charlie takes his skill very serious and very passionate about his work. It’s not all about the work, it’s about the customer. If it’s not the right thing to do, he will not do it.  Make a consult appointment now with Charlie, and remember Beauty hurts!

About Me:

A literally shattering epiphany led Charlie to dedicate his life to art. After being wedged between two battling players in a high school football game, he came out with a shattered thumb, arm cast and the realization that all he wanted to do was draw. Bad day for football; great day (once his hand healed) for the creative world. Now, after having his apprentice in his 20′s in San Antonio and multiple Ad Agency’s advertising career, he has been certified as a microbladetechnician from World Microblading while continuing to tattoo. With his hand skills experience over many years, taking care of his client’s skin, beauty and doing the right thing, which all comes with the territory, he knows this is where he wants to be.That epiphany guided him toward Visual Communications at the Art Institute of Dallas. Graduating in 1993, he began a personal art evolution: From Illustrator at CompUSA, he moved, with the industry, into 3D modeling and animation, and from there into Flash development (before it was a household name) for agency Insider Marketing and clients like Samsung. 

He’d drawn. He’d designed. Now he wanted to build. Assembling his own Media Integration team at Dallas agency IMC2, he continued innovating—including a live ad campaign on Times Square’s Jumbotron—for clients like Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Secret, Pizza Hut, GSK and other pharmaceuticals. Later, as head of Creative at the Goodway Group, he built smart, dynamic solutions for “almost every auto brand there is.”
Now on his own he been back for a while putting real art and beauty on skin and making people happy.